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JURA Anchor User Guide


This User Guide includes some important Dos and Don'ts to help you use your Anchor safely, please read it carefully.

Anchor can support 15x the weight of the AirPods. Gravity alone will not detach Anchor from AirPods, but centrifugal force could. Avoid dangling AirPods while engaging in vigorous activity.

Anchor is not a locking device.


Plug Anchor into your AirPods Lightning port



Plug and unplug to get a feel for your Anchor before use.

Put one on your keychain, one on your bag, one on your belt loop, etc

Charge Wirelessly ! Anchor does not need to be removed for wireless charging

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Dangle AirPods where you can’t see them. Someone else might want them more than you do!

Dangle while running, bungee jumping or doing something else that may cause Anchor to detach

Don’t use Anchor with your iPhone or iPad


Issued Patents and Designs:


Jura Anchor US D882,579 S

Titanium Carabiner US D878,910 S

European Union

Jura Anchor EU 006993754

Titanium Carabiner EU 007134879

United Kingdom

Jura Anchor UK 9006993754000, 90069937540002, 90069937540003, 90069937540004

Titanium Carabiner UK 90071348790001, 90071348790002

Patent Pending US Utility

JURA Anchor is a Trademark of Jura, LLC

Apple, AirPods & Lightning are registered trademarks of Apple Inc

JURA Anchor is exclusively developed for use with Apple AirPods and is not to be used with any other device

Prop 65 warning 

Contains small parts, please keep away from unattended children. Choking hazard