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About JURA



In 2011, Patrick O’Neill introduced olloclip, an iPhone lens system, on Kickstarter. Within months, olloclip was available in Apple Stores globally and went on to sell several million sets of lenses.  Always an inventor, Patrick is constantly coming up with consistent and simplistically designed products to solve problems which led him to create the JURA Anchor. 

Our mission was to deliver a simple and convenient carry solution to complement Apple's design and promote ease-of-use.  After thousands of hours of design, prototyping and testing - Anchor was born. 

The Jura Anchor is the only carry device for the AirPods that doesn’t encase and cover the sleekly designed Apple AirPods. We designed the uncase for Apple AirPods. 

jura anchor KS graphic

JURA is based in Huntington Beach, California and prides itself on not only designing its products here, but making them here as well. 

Want to say hello or have a question for the JURA team? Feel free to reach an email to